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  1. The DSDT hasn't made any difference unfortunately. I downloaded a voodooHDA kext and put that in EFI/Clover/Kexts and that loads up the audio. Not ideal or how I wanted it but I think I'll do that until I update to Mojave. The only side effect is I seem to get some odd graphics anomalies, flickers and things from time to time
  2. I certainly can the next time it happens. I am connected over DP. When I was on 10.13.5 it worked fine. After the upgrade to 10.13.6 just intermittent. I was looking through the IOReg and it references the connector type as HDMI (<00 08 00 00>) and further down it references the dp device as C. I don’t know how to change the connector type to <00 04 00 00> which will identify it as a DP connector not HDMI. Maybe that would help. Also all references in IOReg for device is for HDAU are <00 07 00 00> but I think I need it to be <00 03 00 00> which makes the audio work natively with AppleHDA over the HD4600 DP port. Am I thinking on the right lines or no where near?
  3. ok so that didn’t work either. New plan. Can you recommend a eGPU that will work?
  4. Will do once I get home from work. Will update tomorrow
  5. No joy still. I read that you can edit the AppleALC kext to point to the codec for the gtx 1050. Unfortunately I have no idea how to compile the source code in Xcode
  6. the only reference to and audio codec for the GTX 1050 I can find is the audio-codec-info shown in the screenshot. <00 01 05 00>
  7. when I have audio over DP it seems to be random. If I achieve it from a cold boot then it is a gamble if I will have it again after either a restart or a complete shut down and boot. I haven't booted into windows for a while so I can't comment on that
  8. I don't know whats going on. I've just booted back up and its working fine. There must be a bug somewhere causing intermittent issues Yep, definitely something intermittent. Rebooted and I've lost audio over DP again. I read somewhere that the HDEF and HDAU layout ID values need to be the same yet they are different for me. one is <03 00 00 00> and the other is <07 00 00 00>. Could this be an issue?
  9. So this morning I booted up and have lost audio again. Nothing has changed and it was fine all day yesterday
  10. ok so I changed the audio inject value to 2 and now I have audio. Thanks for the help with the DSDT @Jake Lo. Much appreciated
  11. I'm using the DP on the GTX 1050 Ti. I could upload my config.plist for you if that would be any help? Web driver is updated yes. debug_1044.zip
  12. Yes, just booted into it. Still no audio over DP/HDMI. hmmmm