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  1. Same error with the DW1510 WiFi card Found a 10.13.2 image - trying with that ...
  2. Still the same thing. Waiting for the DW1510 WiFi card to arrive and i'll try again. Thank you very much !
  3. Went into BIOS and disabled everything except: SATA - AHCI External USB MultiCore/SpeedStep PS2 Touchpad / USB Legacy emulation same exact error Can i use Clever Configurator in my Mac to tweak the settings on the USB Install stick ? What should i look for ? Thank you !
  4. DW1397 removed - same error message. What would be a safe bet for a WiFI card - DW1510 ? Attached a zip of my EFI/CLOVER. It's a mix of default files from Clover r4920 + the files from E6500_NVS160M_A27-HS.zip found here on the forum. In EFI/CLOVER/config.plist i do see: ProductName - MacBookPro7,1 I used Enoch with a Sierra 12.6.03 image, not High Sierra. Thank you very much ! EFI_CLOVER_E6500_HS_not_working.zip
  5. Added -no_compat_check to Clover Boot arguments - same error - please see attached image. Also tried the D630 Guide for Sierra. It boots, it installs, Enoch from the USB installer is able to boot to the desktop, i copy all kexts, install Enoch on hdd ... and it refuses to boot from HDD. Crashes or hangs. Thanks a lot.
  6. I have a E6500 CPU Penryn P9700 2.8 Ghz 4 GB RAM (2+2) 250 GB SATA HDD BIOS A29 (Latest), all settings default + SATA set to AHCI Nvidia NV160 256MB UXGA 1920x1200 DW1397 WiFi Bluetooth card installed Audio IDT 92HD71 I'm trying to Install High Sierra 10.13.6 on it and ... it doesn't work. Freshly downloaded Install macOS High Sierra.app Version 13.6.02 Using createinstallmedia + Clover r4920 (Clover guide, non-UEFI steps), it boots, HDD formats fine, Installer starts then it dies with "corrupted media" Using macOS High Sierra Patcher.app + Clover r4920 (another guide), it boots, HDD formats fine, Installer starts then it dies with "not compatible with this computer" Used various E6500 Bootpacks form all over - same result every time. startosinstall doesn't want to run either - cannot communicate with helper. Using the same Install macOS High Sierra.app image + Clover (Clover guide, UEFI) i have successfully installed a E6430 so the OS image is good. No idea what am i doing wrong - any advice is welcome. Thank you very much.
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