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  1. thank you jake lo, i tried later. now i need patch for vga port.
  2. Hy jake lo this is my problem reporting file. thanks. debug_30063.zip
  3. I have succesfully installed hackintsoh sierra 10.12.3 on dell e6330 everything is ok except: -very glitch graphics when open apps like safari, visual studio code, and pycharm CE after update to 10.12.6 -touchpad instal kext dr hurt -wifi (i know intel wifi is not work) -vga/hdmi and my laptop specs here: Dell Latitude E6330 + Clover Legacy CPU: i5-3380M Graphics: HD 4000 1366x768 the most important thing for me is to be able to open the application as I mentioned above, I need a solution for this Thanks in advance glitch on visual st
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