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  1. Hello, I'm having the hardest time getting the pointing stick to work on my D620. From what I understand, the pointing stick is supported on some Dell and Lenovo models by the current version of RehabMan's VoodooPS2 driver (2018_05_06 v1.8.34) that I have installed. However, it doesn't seem to support the D620, as neither my pointing stick nor their mouse buttons work at all. The pointing stick seems to respond right as I come to the login screen after I boot up, but only by wildly jumping the cursor all over the screen. After I log in, it stops working altogether. I've looked all over creation for an answer to this issue but to no avail, so I've come to you guys, begging for help. I love using the pointing stick in Windows and Linux, and I would love to get it working with Lion. Is there any way to make that happen? Thank you in advance. EDIT: Oh wow, that's embarrassing. Accidentally posted this in the wrong subforum and I can't delete the thread... Sorry! EDIT 2: Okay, I've solved it, finally! Turns out the prebuilt kexts that are offered aren't built for i386, so apparently they weren't being used. (I have no idea what I was using for my keyboard and touchpad. Strange...) I had to build from source with Xcode with the architecture set to 'Standard (32/64 bit Intel)', replaced the old kext, fixed all the permissions and rebuilt the kextcache. It was running just fine after a simple reboot. Sorry to bother y'all! Hopefully someone else finds this post helpful.
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