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  1. Yes it does work without fakeID after reboot, only thing that seems to be not working is facetime and messages app, what needs to be done to get these working? I assume its something with the serial number or system identifier since it fails to login at all on messages but does login to icloud and app store
  2. Jake this worked great it was just this that fixed the booting issue for me:
  3. OK I'll give it another go round, as far as the FakeID 0x12345678 is that put in under the Inject Intel tab in Clover?
  4. Got it working but with some issues, still missing: Sound HDMI and mini DP output not working Freezes up when plugging into AC adapter No hardware acceleration on the intel 520 card The boot packs that were pre-made on here cause a kernel panic on my system I was only able to install with unifail. I have attached my CLOVER folder from the setup that boots into the OS but has the above issues. Any help on this would be awesome! System is up and running 10.14.1 if that makes a difference CLOVER.zip
  5. I have the E7270 running 10.13.6 install was good, downloaded the 10.14.1 update and updated with bootpack with the most current version then proceeded to run the Mojave installer. This results in a kernel panic. The Bios are set with Legacy Options enabled and everything was working OK in HS 10.13.6. Dell Bios are 1.19.4 i5 processor with intel chip Touchscreen model I have attached the CLOVER file and posted a screenshot of when it panics and halts. CLOVER.zip
  6. downloaded the most current Mojave beta it did all the preinstall to update, rebooted and it just gives a panic. Would it only work with fresh install?
  7. I will test it out, do I need to redo the bootloader after updating again or should it still be able to boot into it?
  8. Oh I see, is there any compatibility for 10.14 beta as of yet? Or is that supported when the final versions come out? This is a much appreciated endeavor, I'm glad there is such a community and support for macOS on non Apple hardware.
  9. That works beautifully! Thank you so much! Do you mind me asking what I had wrong in my setup that was causing the system to not boot?
  10. Attached is where it hangs up using the 7270 HS bootpack files
  11. Dell Bios 1.19.4 CLOVER.zip
  12. Jake I have tried the 7270 bootpack and it gives a kernel panic which I can't seem to figure out. Where are the logs kept for it so I can paste?
  13. Yes looks like I have lots of reading to do! Thanks for a point in the correct direction.
  14. I have a E7270 Ultrabook running 10.13.6 the system is partially working. Touchscreen works, no sound, no graphics acceleration. I have tried multiple kexts for acceleration and none are working. What needs to be done if I just want to get graphics acceleration working? No luck so far. Its a 2.5GHz i5 6300U model with the 13" 1080P touch panel.
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