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  1. Mth

    audio alc 236 request

    thank you very much, Jake but seems that I had something like hibernate which cause system shutdown completely on clicking sleep so, I will try solving that problem firstly then, try EDID.
  2. Mth

    audio alc 236 request

    thank you Jake, Iam using now voodohda after modifying it I think voodoo is better now for me as I tried too much for alc-236 remains only sleep issue as I have to sleep my laptop a lot along my work on it blank screen after wake from sleep which treated only by restart or power off I don't know how to solve it?
  3. Mth

    audio alc 236 request

    Jake, thanks for replying I remember that you gave me efi clover for Lenovo z51 in El Capitan os that solved all my problems now with drivers if you can give me that clover because it is removed from website
  4. I need a way to install audio alc 236 on Lenovo z51 device on Mojave os 10.14 with correct patch Hardware info: - Realtek (Unknown) (10ec:0236) Rev.(00100001) - Controller 8086:9ca0 (sub-ven:17aa:3823) - Driver: AppleHDA.kext below attached system info Send me MahmoudTareks-MacBook.zip
  5. Mth

    Lenovo z51-70

    Ok thanks Hervé
  6. Mth

    Lenovo z51-70

    I have recently installed mojave os 10.14 on my lenovo z51-70 But I cannot get drivers for components If someone shows me simple guide or ready clover efi patches for that model I'd be thankful Drivers that I want: 1- graphics hd 5500 2- audio alc 236 not voodohda 3- brightness 4- sleep 5- if there is way to install switchable amd r9 375m as second gpu!) I have installed my wifi adapter usb .
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