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  1. Hi all, I have tried again installing High Sierra on my Dell e6220 i5 as previous versions constantly froze. I am now using Herve's guide and EFI which seems stable but I cannot get sound. I have tried Lilu, whatevergreen and additional Kext but cannot get them to load (green dots on all other kexts) but no sound. please cold someone assist many thanks EFI.zip
  2. Thanks Jake, fan is clean and working. System manages a couple of hours then freezes. spinning mouse icon which will move with the mouse but everything else frozen
  3. Managed about 2 hours then crashed again unfortunately, any other ideas please
  4. Thanks Jake, I really appreciate the assistance. running well so far
  5. Hi all, a noob looking for any help please. I installed OS High Sierra on Dell Latitude E6220 Intel Core i5 2nd Gen 2.50GHz which runs fine (Jake Lo install i believe), but it continually freezes (seems random, runs fine then freezes 1 to 2 hours). I used Jake Lo guide - Jake provided some kext etc. for an e6220 i7 I had previously. My current model is an i5. could anyone help please. I have attached EFI EFI.zip nvram.plist.zip
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