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  1. Guys help What else should I do
  2. I am using the HD 620 config.plist
  3. I tried lilu and whatever green , it had similar results , u want me to try to connect external monitor through my c port ( ill have to get a c port to HDMI connector )if that’s vital ill order one
  4. ita a loop 1. it reaches install screen with 11 minutes remaining 2. reboots to clover 3. boots from new option of boot from install drive 4. repeat verbose mode on repeated screen gives the attached pic and after this starts installing and reboot
  5. this efi lets me start install goes one time then reboots nd then i boot from hard disk partition where it has started installing and then it keeps rebooting and progressing till 11 minutes remaining EFI 11.zip
  6. hello everyone I have been trying to set up a hackintosh since long i have got familiar with initial methods I have tried many different configs my specs are i7 8550u 8th gen intel processor UHD 620 4k touch screen I would really appreciate some help have not been able to install macOS just reach the installer on clover and stops on 11 minuted left
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