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  1. Already did that. I finally found the solution: It was a NVRAM issue, needed to apply the AptiomemoryFix from Clover.
  2. I finally set up a working hackintosh with speed step, power management, all usb ports working, also NVIDIA graphics. That's my hardware: Intel I7 3740QM 16GB DDR3 RAM 1333MHZ NVIDIA 5200M The only problem i still have is that i get an error message on every reboot: Your computer was restarted because of a problem This is my error report: The keyboard and touchpad is working fine, even multitouch is working. I tried different versions of VoodooPS2 driver with no success. I already reset NVRAM and rebuilt kext cache and disk cache. The Error persists, even when i delete the kext from my EFI folder. Don't know what to do. Any help appreciated.
  3. Gonna try this right now. Do I net do reset anything after that? I tried several bootpacks and none of them worked properly. Does anybody has a running setup who could share his EFI folder with me? This would be awesome!
  4. Thanks, but this bootpack is for High Sierra right? Does it also work for Sierra? Do I have to replace the files in /Clover/ACPI/patched with the ones from your link? Just did that, the error persists, my usb isn't working and the battery isn't detected anymore. BTW I noticed a strange behaviour in my BIOS. It automatically disables Optimus. Sometimes the entry in video is not even there. I use BIOS version A11. When I enable Optimus, boot into Sierra and reboot, the BIOS entry is gone. When I then reboot again, it's back there but disabled again.
  5. I enabled Optimus and tried to clean the NVRam and rebuild the disk cache, still the same error,
  6. Thanks @Allan for you answer. I think I was a little impatient. I messed around with the EFI Folder trying some files from the guides from here. I replaced the EFI folder with my old one again but I am still getting errors that havn't been there before. This is what I get now after booting: Looks like some problems with the Nvidia graphics which I really don't need at all. I noticed that videos on Youtube are lagging right now.
  7. Hey Guys! First of all, I'm pretty new to hackintoshes. English isn't my native language, so sorry for any mistakes. I recently installed Sierra on my machine (i7 3740QM, NVIDIA 5200) and everything went fine so far with no major problems running the OS. Today I upgraded the memory from 8GB (1600MHz) to 16GB (1333Mhz). I also updated Safari and iTunes from the Appstore. Now on every reboot I get an error message (within sierra) telling me that my system wasn't shut down properly (or something similar, my System language is german). Here is the error report: I used the EFI folder from this thread: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/327824-dell-latitude-e6430-full-solution/ Any help will be appreciated. If you need further information, let me know.
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