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  1. I'm using the files you send me and everything working great. Thank you for all your help. On config.plist do I really need apsn , aplf options true and plygintype=1 ? I thought that just plygintype=true was enough.
  2. I did , but it doesn't work. Maybe not compatible with my cpu or High Sierra.
  3. Is there any way to disable Intel Turbo Boost ?
  4. Is any chance this tool to work on Coffe Lake -r laptops ?
  5. Thank you so much , my friend. At first look, everything seems to work great. I attach the new dump file for you to check if there is a problem I can't see. debug_28844.zip
  6. I know I'm asking for too much , but is it possible to includ patch that can make trackpad works as I2C mode? Because without it trackpad is not very smooth. Thank you again for your time.
  7. Hi. I have a new laptop with the following specs: Dell 5570 , cpu : intel i5-8250u, intel uh620 , 8gb ram and atheros wifi/bt. I managed to install and boot High Sierra . I think I have a proper config.plist and kexts installed (but maybe I'm wrong). I need someone to make a dsdt and ssdts files for me. Thanks in advance.
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