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  1. Thank you Sir. You have literally saved me. I will make those changes.
  2. theeama

    APFS Error

    I thought it would be better to create a new thread. Am getting error message failed to get apfs volume keybag err = 2 I am unable to enter the clover bootloader as that is thats coming up. EFI folder is attached: EFI.zip
  3. Hey guys i am getting a failed to get apfs boot error when i try to boot up i think my clover bootloader is corrupted but i am unable to reinstall clover. I am talking to you from my linux system Can i just switch out the efi folder with a next one with the correct config.plist file
  4. Had to do a fresh install and my audio kext isn't working. I've done everything properly i can boot up from hard drive etc. I tried both the original alc kext and the new one but still no audio. CLOVER.zip
  5. SO am still getting a Kernel panic. When i use back my original clover folder before updating it it boots then restart like 10 seconds into it. Not sure as to why both of these issues are happening. At worst can the folder you attached above be used for a clean install as when i try it, the installer just hangs, I think something went wrong when using clover version 4.7 but i have no access to a mac atm so can't fix that. I have attached the new EFI folder and the original one to see if that can help find out whats causing the issues. Edit: At this moment, i'll perform a clean install. Can i have an EFI folder, please? I've already created the usb installer but don't have an OSX to install clover etc. So that will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. New EFI.zip Original.zip
  6. Just got home from work. Booted up computer after using it this morning now am getting a kernel panic. The option to continue the install of Mac Os Mojave is no longer there tho.
  7. Thank you. I did everything that you said downloaded through the app store launch the update it runs irestart boot back into clover select the update it begins to run for a few minutes then it flashes to black then continues then it makes a next flash but this time the screen stays dark nothing is on it.
  8. Thank you man Edit: Thats a clean install . i would rather not doing a clean install at this time.
  9. Hello Guys. I am currently running HS Intel I7, 8GB Ram 500GB ssd. I would like to update to Mojave but i have a few concerns and questions. 1. Do I have to perform a clean install or i can update straight from the app store. 2. What Kext do i need or config.plist file is needed to make the transition over. 3. Is their a guide that already exists ?
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