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  1. I can start MAC OS ONLY with Fake GPU ID "12345" with no acceleration of course. Try all settings , all mac os (Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave) and no HD 4700 acceleration at all. I think that 2720 can work when...nvidia graphics is broken. HD 4700 & nvidia no possible to works correctly.
  2. Use any DSDT or SSDT patches for this config ? Or any special settings in BIOS ? I Install Sierra 10.12.6 with all attachted kexts and config .plist but NO HD 4600 acceleration ... I get full resolution 2560x1440 but no graphic accelerated so scrolling is very slow. My Dell XPS 2720 with i7-4770S . What version of clover ? Even try three bios version up to A15 but no progress.
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