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    [SUCCESS] E7250 - DSDT issues - Bluetooth and Display

    Hi Jake, I was looking at the boot times for the e7250. Mine takes a good 90 to 100 secs to boot from the time its starts to boot from the clover hdd option menu to the desktop. I do see the hdd light blinking rapidly during the process, so I know its executing something in the back. Is this normal? Could it be coz its an older processor?
  2. Banstro

    [SUCCESS] E7250 - DSDT issues - Bluetooth and Display

    Hi Jake, Just did a fresh install of Mojave 10.4.1 .. the latest release and it broke my bluetooth. Could you please see whats causing this. I can't find bluetooth in System Preferences. Edit: Its working now. Forgot to execute the repair permissions script.
  3. Banstro

    [SUCCESS] E7250 - DSDT issues - Bluetooth and Display

    Thank you Jake! This worked perfectly with Mojave. You really need to make a video on the patching process. It will help educate many of us. You can use my origin files for demo. Also, I am looking for a new laptop Hackintosh. Most likely a 15 inch. Are the latest Dell XPS 15 good candidate. Looking for the best possible hardware with the best macOS compatibility. Do you have any recommendations on this?
  4. Hi Jake, Since last 2 weeks I have been trying to install High Sierra (and then Mojave) on my E7250. I replaced the Intel Wifi with a DW1560 and can confirm both the wifi and bluetooth are working.. when the config is right. I tried using the various bootpacks (for E7250 and E7450) and personalized/patched DSDT files. If one patched DSDT would enable Bluetooth it would cripple the LCD by turning it blank constantly and I would have to keep pressing Fn F12. If Bluetooth fails to work the Lcd works but the Fn11/Fn12 would fail to work. The LCD is 1366 x 768 WSGA.. the very low end. In BIOS it says it has just 64MB video memory. I tried to learn and get the DSDT patched but I wasn't able to clean properly. So when I try to save the dal file as aml after editing it won't save as the last error of end-of-file was not fixed. It keeps directing to the Scope (_GPE) line and I have no idea how to fix it as there is not much reference for that line online. I have attached my origin folder from Clover. I would like to install Mojave straight. if possible instead of going the High Sierra upgrade to Mojave route. I would highly appreciate if you could assist in patching this. Also, if you could please provide a matching config.plist file and the kexts required along with the patched DSDT. Thank you. origin-banstro.zip