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  1. I've updated Mojave 10.14.1 to Mojave 10.14.2 with applestore update proposed today without any problem. The system works perfectly. The update "weights" about 2,6 Gb, the full version about 6,1 Gb
  2. gebele04

    DW1830 Connectors ?!?

    Hello, I've connected the dw1830 with only 2 antennas on P1 and P2. The performance are very good, as much as good than with my TP-TL725N. The dw1830 has been recognized natively in Mojave. Effectively, it requires any driver. The problem was with the bluetooth fonction but after the injection of 3 kexts, everything works perfectly. But on mine, there was any damage than your's. Not sure it will work properly...
  3. These few words to thank this community who help me to install High Sierra on a Dell latitude e6420 and Mojave on a Dell Inspiron 5570. Special thanks to Jack Lo and Kostas54. Without their support, I think I'll be actually a windows user...!!!
  4. gebele04

    First Install for Dell 5558, Mojave or High Sierra

    For Mojave installation, format your destination hard drive in APFS mode
  5. Hello Kostas54, With your previous EFI Folder version, I don't observed this kind of problem. I can close and open the lid without reboot. Grég
  6. gebele04

    [Solved] e6420 Ethernet Issues. Need help please

    Hi, Hervé said: "And stop using TMX tools to seek support here after.". Sorry for that, excuse me... I made a fresh installation on the dell e6420 of High Sierra and now, the ethernet intel 82579LM controller in now active. It may have conflicts... After switching the ethernet port to en0, iMessage and FaceTime are fonctionaly. Thanks
  7. gebele04

    [Solved] e6420 Ethernet Issues. Need help please

    Thank for your answer Jake Lo. I've checked, it's enabled.
  8. Hello everybody, I've got two hackintosh at home: Mojave on Dell Inspiron 15 5570: works perfectly (special thanks to Kostas54 and Jake Lo) and the second on an old dell latitude e6420 High Sierra (i5-23xx, intel HD3000 1366 x 768, 8Gb and 256 Gb SSD, TP-Link TP-WN725N wifi module) On this e6420, I have some troubles to use iMessage and FaceTime . After some research on internet, the problem may comes from ethernet issues. After checking in my configuration, I saw I had any ethernet hardware configured. So, I decided to install IntelMausiEthernet.kext or AppleIntelE1000e.kext independently via multifail in \Library\Extension or in \Clover\Kexts folders but It still doesn't work. Has someone any idea where the problem comes from ? Thanks for your answer. Grég
  9. gebele04

    5590 + Mojave - install guide

    Did you try the EFI from Kostas54 for his 5570 ? Configuration seems to be approximatively the same, depending of your screen resolution (Here 1080p)
  10. I recognize that macOS runs perfectly on this laptop but I'm a new user (since about 1 month) on this OS. For the moment, I'm not using Win10 on this dell because I'm using my MSI GT73 for this. What I saw, Win10 installed with the Dell default factory seems to not be optimized. I will try today to install an original Microsoft downloaded version. Do you use a dual boot too ? Do you know which kexts I have to install for the SD card Reader (I'm not a user of this hardware but as you said, I just want this system perfect, if I can) Thanks Grég
  11. Hello Kostas54, Is your SD card reader working properly ? (not mine) Should we add a AppleSDXC kext or an other one ? For your information, my dual boot Win10/Mojave works perfectly.
  12. Hello Kostas54, I've connected the dw1830 with only 2 antennas on P1 and P2. The performance are very good, as much as good than with my TP-TL725N. The dw1830 has been recognized natively in Mojave. Effectively, it requires any driver. The problem was with the bluetooth fonction but after the injection of the 3 kexts below, everything works perfectly. Do you remember which kexts you have installed for the dw1810 BT module ? So, I could delete it because it's not require for my system. The SSD M.2 860 EVO Samsung 500 Gb works very well and the addition of 8 gb DDR4 2400 CL17 Crucial too. My system is just perfect because of you and this community. Today, I will install the dual boot with Win10 on the SSD Sata 240 Gb after cloning the original hard drive delivered with this laptop (HDD 1To 5400 rpm) Grég
  13. Hi Everybody, I've got a problem with my Dell 5570 Hackintosh. I was using so far my new laptop with 8 Gb memory and a SSD Sata Kinston 240 Gb. Yesterday, I've installed 16 Gb memory and added a M.2 Sata Samsung Evo 860. I had re-installed Mojave on the M.2 SSD and modified bios setting to boot on this drive. I've formatted the Sata SSD Kingston 240 Gb (MS-DOS / MBR) for dual boot Windows 10 I've copied/pasted old EFI folder on the new M.2 SSD but the trackpad doesn't work anymore. Do you know why ? I've done any modification in the Kexts folder or the config.plist... Thanks for your answer Grég EDIT: SOLVED. I made a fresh install and it works. I had some issues with bluetooth on DW1830 module because there were some kexts missing in kexts folder. It's quite normal because Kostas54 doesn't have this equipment but the DW1810 module were only BT works properly and not Wifi/BT both. So, I've added these kexts in /EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/ Folder: FakePCIID.kexts BrcmFirmwareData.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext Now, both Wifi and BT work properly
  14. Hello Kostas54 I've just received my new SSD M.2 Sata Samsung 860 EVO and 8 Gb DDR4 ram for upgrade. The DW1830 wifi/Bt module is not yet arrived. Is there something to modify in the system for a correct working ? For my understanding, what is the objective of your debug_24997,zip file ?
  15. Kostas54 said: "There are 2 problems , first battery readings from activity monitor are inaccurate (compared to bios,ioreg and coconut battery). Second problem is that brightness doesn't autmatically change when connect/disconnect power cord." @Kostas54: When I unplug the power cord, the brightness automatically change on my laptop. When the brightness in the room decrease, Mojave automatically adapts desktop's colors and luminosity.