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  1. Well I tried but no luck, anyway, I don't really care now, I'll have my GTX 1060 very soon, and it should be solid on High Sierra ! (I'll finally be able to use creative software without lag)
  2. Okay so no luck, it effectively works without WhateverGreen, but I still have the same issue under load (like Cinebench's OpenGL benchmark, or OpenGL Extensions Viewer's benchmark)
  3. Oh ! You didn't used WhateverGreen ? This may be the issue, I always thought I needed both Lilu and WhateverGreen ! I'll try without it and come back there !
  4. Hi Hervé ! Well, not really ! I have reinstalled macOS, because I really hate giving up on something I love (aka macOS), so I have macOS 10.13.6 installed I have reinstalled it because at christmas, I'll buy a GTX 1060, so even if I can't get that GT730 to work, I think the 1060 should be hassle-free, just install the web-driver and here it goes ! (I hope) So yeah, I'll happily take a look at your own experience with that card (to see if macOS have compatibility issue with the 730, or if it's really because of my card) And I'm sure at 100% this wasn't a power issue, because, in prevision to that 1060, I buyed a Corsair CX650M 650W power supply, and I still have the same issue
  5. Yeah I know macOS is much more graphics intensive than Windows, but in games, the graphics cars is pushed to the max anyway, so it would be logical to think that I would have the same issue ? I'll be honest, I was just so pissed off, I erased my macOS SSD, I didn't had/have the time or energy to fiddle around trying to fix a computer that I need to just work I'm starting to like more and more Windows (I was surprised to see that It's not anymore the piece of garbage I left few years ago) Maybe I'll be back on macOS sooner or later than expected, I don't know. (well I'm keeping macOS on my family computer but that's another story, since It's not my main rig and it was so easy to get working with no hassle) But anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to respond to me, I always loved the Hackintosh community, have all a great day
  6. I'd say that it's unlikely. I can play games for hours on Windows without any problems. So It's a macOS specific issue, if it was a power issue, I would have the same problem on Windows (especially when gaming) I'm thinking about a driver issue, but I really don't have an idea on how to fix this problem EDIT: Okay, so I found a video showing excactly what's happening to me:
  7. Hi ! So, I got my new computer and I installed macOS Mojave on one of its SSD. But I have a problem: my screen will really really often like, refresh itself, if it makes any sense Like when you change the screen resolution, the screen goes black for few seconds then came back up It's happening like 5 or 6 times in 10 minutes, really annoying, to the point that I'm thinking of switching completely to Windows. (Tho, let's try to fix that problem before getting that extreme) Other than that, I have graphics acceleration, metal supported and all that stuff, the only really problem is that refresh thing I wanna know if some of you already issued this, and if you fixed it. I'm using a GeForce GT 730 2GB GDDR5 on a Optiplex 7010 MT (i5 3570/Q77) and latest version of Lilu+WhateverGreen Thanks ! Here's my Clover folder, if it can help ! CLOVER.zip
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