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  1. Which kexts are you referring? Now that I see, in your guide it says that your audio device was "PCI ven id 0x10ec, dev id 0x0256", in my case is "PCI ven id 0x8086, dev id 0x9d71". Could that be causing an issue?
  2. Nope, even on a fresh boot it won't work. I copied the Clover folder you provided, don't know if there is something else to do
  3. Hello guys. I've installed Mojave on my Latitude E7490, following this guide made by Hervé: It works incredible, but I'm having issue with the headphones jack. I've tried with two different headsets, both did not work. The audio preferences show "headphone output" every time I connect them, so it's detected but not working. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you all!
  4. Removed the file and added the file you posted, but still not working. Regarding Pike R Alpha's ssdtPRGen, I'm trying to use, but I'm getting this warnings/errors Warning: 'cpu-type' may be set improperly (0x0703 instead of 0x0603) - Clover users should read https://clover-wiki.zetam.org/Configuration/CPU#cpu_type Error: board-id [Mac-C3EC7CD22292981F] not supported by Sandy Bridge – check SMBIOS data / use the -target option It gave me the option to continue, did it, but it says "0 errors, 0 warnings, 0 optimizations". On the other hand, tried to use MacbookPro6,1 System definition with 10,1 board ID, and it hangs on boot, with this message: "busy timeout acpi_smc_platformplugin"
  5. The video ports was solved installing NVIDIA Web Drivers. Have not tried that before because it has no support for my video card, but worked like a charm. Here is my clover folder with DSDT extracted. CLOVER.zip
  6. Thank you Hervé, I'll check those links for sure. But, any of them could solve the issue with USB3 and video ports?
  7. Hello guys. I have an almost fully working install of High Sierra on my Dell Precision M6600. Right now I'm having only 3 issues, but I'm not being able to solve them. The issues are: - No sleep working (doesn't bother me really, I don't care if it cannot be solved, didn't tried lot of things for it) - No USB3 working (would like to make it work, but really, don't know where to start) - No VGA/HDMI output working (it's a pain in the a$$, tried lot of things). A few Hardware details: - Intel Core i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.30GHz - 16 GB DDR3 RAM - Intel HD 3000 - NVIDIA Quadro 4000M - Optimus is disabled, so the Intel HD is not working, and only the NVIDIA card is being used. I have "Inject NVIDIA" enabled in Clover, otherwise the system won't boot, and a little detail is that the video card is recognized as "Dell Quadro 4000M". The acceleration is fully working, as the Metal API support. For the HDMI/VGA ports I've tried: - Lilu Kext - WhateverGreen (really had hope that it would fix the issue) - Nvidiagraphicsfixup (yeah, is old, but tried it anyway) - Using MacbookPro 11,2 SMBIOS (saw on another forum that worked on another laptop with the same video card) I attach my Clover folder and my IOReg dump. Thank you guys, best regards. Archive.zip
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