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  1. Yes, I followed those steps and replaced the hex values. I had Mojave running earlier and after replacing the updated Capri.kext in System/Library/Extensions HDMI was working. But in Big Sur, I am unable to access System/Library/Extensions. So wanted to know 1. how do I replace the file in System/Library/Extensions. 2. Same Capri.kext working in Mojave, will it work in Big Sur? Do you mean config.plist file? I am unable to find any guide to do the same for OpenCore config file. Can you please provide some reference?
  2. Hi, I followed the guides around here and successfully installed Big Sur on my E6430 (i7-3350M, 1600x900) with OpenCore. I got the OC config from here, The only thing not working is the HDMI and output to second monitor. When I plugged in the HDMI cable nothing is happening, and if I press the Fn+F8, beep sounds comes and nothing. I installed Mojave earlier and in Mojave I was able to update the Framebuffercapri and replaced it in Library/System/Extensions, HDMI was working back there. I have the updated Capri.kext file as well. but in big sur it is not allowing me to write to System read only filesystem. How do I enable HDMI to work?
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