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  1. @Jake Lo Is the computer supposed to shut down for prolonged periods of being in the sleep state? I left it in sleep mode to go to sleep and woke up to it having been shut down.
  2. @Jake Lo Thanks for the hotpatched bootpack! Everything works as expected now, minus the brightness inc/dec keys. I appreciate it a lot!
  3. Thanks so much for all the help. Dropping SSDT 6 from my config still causes a hang unfortunately. Additionally, I get a ton of ACPI parse errors. I did not create any of these tables myself, they're all coming from the E7470 bootpack and I still have to enable OEM tables (and select BIOS.aml) as well as dropping the patched ones to fully boot. Any more ideas?
  4. Okay, I have gathered the reporting files and they are attached to this post. I have tried AppleBacklightFixup and it still does not work. Dropping OEM tables and using the patched ACPI amls from the bootpack results in a KP, and using Drop CpuSsdt only hangs instead of KP-ing. debug_3729.zip
  5. I'll get back to you with trying AppleBacklightFixup, and if it does not end up working I'll attach the problem reporting file. I'll add back in the working BT kexts. Thanks!
  6. Good <insert time of timezone>, I have a problem with my Latitude E7470 and macOS 10.13.6. I have successfully installed and everything is working, minus SSDT/DSDT and brightness. If I disable `Drop OEM tables` and drop the additional SSDTs (minus SSDT-PNLF), I can boot every time. If I do not disable them, I hang at HID Legacy Shim 2 or around there. Attached is my Clover [ACPI and Kexts] folder, note that I do not have any Broadcom texts because I do not have a wifi module, only a USB one, and I removed IntelGraphicsFixup and related items because I use WhateverGreen and changed the variables in the EFI shell. Forgot to mention specs: Latitude E7470 i5-6300U w/ Intel HD 520 8GB DDR4 96MB DVMT Prealloc 1920x1080 IPS screen Hynix 256GB SATA, not NVMe SSD Thanks! -eduardog Clover_ACPI_Kexts.zip
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