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  1. That is really weird. I am troubleshooting my issue. When (if) I found a solution, I will post it here.
  2. No hi pitch noise. Perfectly quiet. Brightness control works without icon on screen. Sound control works and shows icon on screen. Both brightness and sound control do not always remember the last value, so need to set again after reboot. The delete key works perfectly. As written in the initial post, I have used the guide from OSX Latitude for the E5520 and it works flawlessly now. However, there is one thing with power management I am still working on: booting from battery results in a kernel panic and removing the power plug when the system is running hangs it after 2 seconds. So I think power management (ACPI) is not yet configured correctly.
  3. In the mean time I have upgraded to Clover 4798 and the keyboard and mouse now work in the boot menu!
  4. Hi all, I ran into something very weird. I have been using the Clover guide (see link below) to install OSX Sierra on my Dell e5520. I went through all the steps and ended up with a bootable USB. However, when booting Clover from the USB stick, I end up in the boot menu and the computer does not respond to keystrokes and mouse movements. I have tried different things, including putting the laptop in the docking. And to my surprise I can now use the mouse and keyboard connected to the docking to operate the boot menu, but the keyboard and mousepad of the laptop are still not responding. Using the docked keyboard and mouse I was able to finalize the Sierra installation and it works like a breeze, but when undocked I cannot use the laptop as I need to press [Enter] in the Clover boot menu to boot OSX from the SSD. So the Clover boot on my SSD shows the same behavior as the one on the USB stick (which makes sense, essentially being the same version). What is really strange: if I prepare a bootable USB using unifail, I CAN operate the Clover boot menu with both keyboard and mouse (but then I run into a boot issue, which is why I am keen to use the osxlatitude method). My questions: - Has any of you ran into this issue and fixed it? If so, please share the solution with me. - As an alternative solution skipping the Clover boot menu and automatically booting OSX from the SSD would be a solution as well, but I cannot find how to configure this in Clover (tried several options in Clover Configurator like setting the boot delay to zero, but that did not resolve my issue. Thanks for your input to this! )
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