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  1. I see. I added the latest version clover lilu .... still being panic @Jake Lo
  2. I have a panic problem when upgrading. Clover.zip
  3. You can change Broadcom BCM94352z wifi to be able to use airdrop.
  4. Do you want to use my clover version? have you fixed the imess and face time.
  5. everything worked from the imess and factime, the port of image quality. Thanks for everyone's help. I want to ask the optimization for the best operating system.
  6. Thanks for doing it. so is it still possible to optimize the output screen of the image via DVI or HDMI?
  7. thank you. How can I adjust the screen brightness, it doesn't work with me yet.
  8. it worked but i don't appstore in setiing.
  9. I think it's for dell 5568 i7 and i want to get help working on i5.
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