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  1. I figured it out @Jake Lo! I went to the GitHub page for AirportBcrmFixup and it states: brcmfx-driver=0|1|2|3 enables only one kext for loading, 0 - AirPortBrcmNIC-MFG, 1 - AirPortBrcm4360, 2 - AirPortBrcmNIC, 3 - AirPortBrcm4331, also can be injected via DSDT or Properties → DeviceProperties in bootloader The Boot-arg was set to 1, I changed it to 2 and it works now. Whats odd is I have a 4360. 5Ghz wifi working at full speeds getting 850Mbps down. All components working great now, thanks for the help.
  2. It is enabled in bios. Bluetooth is working, yet it was working on the 1820 also.
  3. Thanks for the info Jake. With the computer booted and plugging in the HDMI, the internal monitor goes blank but the external works. I then hit sleep and both screens activate. Can replicate everytime even after rebooting several times. Thats good enough for me! I purchased the dw1560 and installed it today along with more ram. No wifi still, I will explore the site more for info, maybe a kext needs to be added. Chris
  4. Hello, first post. I am new to Hackintosh builds. I have an e5570 6600 i7 model. everything is working in Catalina minus wifi, 1820-non A model. Bluetooth works. I thought this model had the r7 370m but the hardware states 270m. Maybe I have the wrong bootpack installed. I am getting the black screen on the internal monitor when i plug in an external display via HDMI. What would be the cause of this behavior? This is the bootpack I used:
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