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  1. I'm sorry but I have no idea how to switch from clover to opencore. It is incomprehensible to me. Is there anyone here who can help me? In the attachment I am sending all the necessary files and my efi folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ej7NHKDadJ7y73XvIGcnYs5ZbagyvWPl/view?usp=sharing Archiwum.zip
  2. I would ask for help After switching from Mojave to Catalina, I have a problem with HEVC decoding. Before the upgrade I had full graphics acceleration on intel HD630 and AMD W5170m (the system reads it as AMD Radeon R9 M375) The laptop has the following specifications: BIOS 1.15.1 Intel i7-7920hq Intel HD630 and AMD FirePro W5170M 1920x1080p touch screen Dell DW1830 wireless card SSD NVME 1 TB + SSD SATA 250 GB All kext are updated to the latest version and the latest Clover config.plist.zip MacBook Pro (Video).ioreg
  3. Yes I tried all layout identifiers from the Applealc wiki https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/wiki/Supported-codecs
  4. Now I want to run the sound. I've done a lot of methods, but none of them works. I think apple alc does not support my alc3254. Do you have an idea how I could do it, or where is the help?
  5. Unfortunately, AlpsT4USB is not yet compatible with my touchpad. BlankMac from https://gitter.im/alexandred/VoodooI2C is to add a code. I think he will be able to run it
  6. My supplier ID is 0x44e, or the Alps I found a patch that gives me the ability to handle gestures on my touchpad. I'll try and let you know https://github.com/blankmac/AlpsT4USB/releases
  7. Audio does not work on both config.plist. I've tried different layoutID Maybe my laptop needs a DSDT patch?
  8. You're amazing. My GPIO is now well attached. My touchpad now works much more smoothly, but does not support gestures. I changed my old confing.plist by looking at what you sent me. I only made changes to the touchpad. Your confing.plist witch touchpad + audio does not work very well. The system gets up very long - around 5 minutes and I do not have any picture from the external monitor. I use my precision7520 with the K09A docking station - just like in the pictures. It seems to me that my second graphics card on you
  9. Więc mój hackintosh jest prawie gotowy i działa świetnie z mojąve! Laptop ma następujące specyfikacje: BIOS 1.15.1 Intel i7-7920hq Intel HD630 i AMD FirePro W5170M ekran dotykowy 1920x1080p Karta bezprzewodowa Dell DW1830 SSD NVME 1 TB + SSD SATA 250 GB Mam w pełni działającą akcelerację grafiki Intel HD630 i AMD FirePro W5170m. Piszę tutaj, ponieważ nie mogę wykonywać gestów na panelu dotykowym za pomocą voodooi2c. Teraz pracuję tylko z podstawowymi funkcjami (usunąłem z S / L / E AppleHPM.kext AppleIntelLpssI2C.k
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