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  1. hello I have the laptop open and controlled, it is unfortunately no webcam installed in this model, and thus can not work synonymous but the connections are there. Unfortunately, I can not retrofit for the time being. but many thanks for the help
  2. I did nothing to /Library/Extensions folder and copied the usbports.kext on the ssd ind the efi clover kexts other
  3. I have replaced the attached usbport.kext against the usbinjectall.kext and restarted.that was all. on clover kexts other
  4. hello I have the attached usbport.kext exchanged and restarted but no success I attached pictures. are there other possibilities.
  5. hello and thanks for the answer. I have inserted the ioreg and system information 7490.ioreg
  6. Hello, I have installed my Dell Latitude 7490 according to the guidelines of Hervé. It works everything except the webcam however I have the variant with an i5-8350U. Could help someone to get it to work ?
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