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  1. What i meant is the printed sticker that is related to the security chip. Is That supported by MacOs OOB ? which kind of applications uses those ?
  2. Hey ! I know that the NFC sticker on my Latitude 7480 is supposed to be used to unlock the PC by passing an NFC card or my phone, Is there anyway of using that with my Mojave installation ? I can't find anything about it online. Is it bundled in the Security chip that handles fingerprint and SC cards ? I do have the chip visible in my system info .
  3. You can try this config : https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11315-dell-lattitude-7480-mojave-install-need-help/?do=findComment&comment=88875 then add the fixes in the later comments for the ALC. it should fix the HDMI proble
  4. Fantastic, do SDCARD work ? WWAN ? FingerPrint ? better Trackpad support ?
  5. Hey ! I am trying to make the WWAn modem work on my latitude 7480. It does show up on my system info like the screenshot : I also attached my clover and debug files. I tried using the Legacy Sierra QMI kext from this post : but with no use. Can anybody help ? 25201.zip CLOVER.zip
  6. Yes, i also tried it on my windows when i had it and it worked. The chip is available on my usb list too. For the dedicated thread, @Matroskin did you create one already ?
  7. I am going to follow this for the moment
  8. That would be very nice, thanks. keep me posted on any news
  9. @Matroskin Did you make your 4G Chip work on Mojave ? with my wifi not working and getting a nez wifi card proving more difficult than actually making one, I may need to use the 4G chip.
  10. I am just reviving an old thread because I didn't find anywhere to post. I have a dell latitude 7480 and I am looking to make the WWAN 4G chip work on my Mojave installation. I know its separate from Wifi card so is there anyway of making it work?
  11. Why only the 2 finger gestures? I meant is there no fix for it or does the touchpad itself (hardware) not support more than 2 fingers ?
  12. This does successfully work, Thanks. @catmater is the Touchpad still not fully detected in your setup ?
  13. I have the same thing too. but something I found out is that when plugging the headphones the sound works for a split second and then cuts off. if that helps anyway
  14. I done nothing but copy @catmater's config and got my backlight working very nicely, you should try that.
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