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  1. Please note that audio is working from speaker, but not from the jack connector. Sincerely this isn't important for me. I only need a working touchpad. Thanks for your help.
  2. I confirm that battery status don't work. I just tried your config and aml files, but now I can't move the cursor. EFI_After.zip ioreg_after.zip ioreg_before.zip EFI_before.zip
  3. Hi Bronxteck and thanks for your message. I have already tried what suggested by Jake Lo, but without success. My touchpad don't work.
  4. @Jake Lo, do you have another solution for this problem?
  5. Thanks a lot for your help Jake Lo. I'm not expert, but I tried to rename TPD0 in TDP1 without changes. Please verify the attached file. About headphone I don't understand what I have to do. SSDT-I2C.aml.zip
  6. Hello. I need your help for my new laptop. The CPU is intel i5-7300U and Video is intel HD 620 Actually I have installed Sierra 10.13.6 Working: Audio (except headphone connector) Video Lan Not working: Touchpad (I can only move the mouse, use some gestures, but no way to click with left or right button) Trackpoint Card Reader Wi-FI (intel chipset, but I'll change a.s.a.p.) Here is my EFI Folder and ioreg. Thanks in advance. ioreg.zip EFI.zip
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