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  1. Same thing here. I get a lot of +++++++ and it reboots. Any advice? Regards. AndrzejL
  2. Thanks again. Will definitely check it out and try to make it work Hack the planet ;-)...! Yeah - I am that old Cheers. AndrzejL
  3. Hi Dude, Thanks for your reply. I will have to look into the AMD specific kernel thing. Any good links / pointers? The HD3000 is unrelated to this project - its the card I am running on my broken Macbook Pro. Thank you again for your interest in this topic. Cheers. AndrzejL P.S. Also messing with the Acer Aspire 8930G and I feel really good about this one as its intel based. Cheers.
  4. Ladles and Jellyspoons. I own few older laptops HP G56 100SA being one of them. Its not the most modern hardware ever (warning: understatement of the century) but I believe that it can still do great things. Specs: https://support.hp.com/ie-en/document/c02636004 I am a Windows / Linux user. I can handle the penguin ok. I've been playing with High Sierra on my broken / EFI hacked Macbook pro (15 inch / early 2011) and even tho the AMD graphic chipset is dead I am running everything on the Intel hd 3000 graphics and it does... OK. I would like to try putting High Sierra on HP G56 100SA. So far I have a 16 gb pendrive (Sandisk), I have downloaded the .app files for both High Sierra and Mojave using dosdude1 patchers. I have created the High Sierra using the command line and I have installed the Clover V2.4 r4895 on the USB drive using the "AMD settings" (attached) which I have compiled after watching dozens of YouTube videos and reading some hackintosh related manuals / how-to's. Pendrive has been formatted using the Mac OS Extended / GUID. I am not using Uni or Multi - just pure Clover. I have installed it using settings that are visible on the attached screenshot. I am also attaching the config.plist - renamed to and archived as amd.config.plist.7z What am I trying to achieve? 1) Have fun. 2) Meet some hackintosh people. 3) Gain some hackintoshing experience 4) Maybe actually get this project to work. Its a fun project. My life doesn't depend on it and if I won't be able to do it - world will not collapse. What does my progress look like? Well... pale During my journey so far I have managed to figure out why my USB installer won't boot to clover and I've managed to get to a many +++++++++ signs. After that on some laptops I got to the "stop" sign, on some of them laptop reboots right after the ++++++ chars, on G56 100SA the laptop either freezes (or just halts). I am attaching screenshots. In any case I am unable to reach installer, not mentioning finalizing the installation. Could you please let me know what am I doing wrong? Everything? Allllrighty then . "Tell me Gandalf, what I must do now?" Thanks in advance! Also in advance I apologize for the late replies. They try to work me to death and I find myself having less and less time recently although this _should_ change soon (TM). Kind regards. AndrzejL P.S. Why did I mentioned "other laptops" at the beginning of this post? Well - because maybe the laptop I chose to do this project is not the greatest for this purpose. I own: 1) Acer Aspire 8930G 2) Dell Inspiron 1545 3) Compaq CQ60 218EM If you would be interested in helping me but you would prefer me to use one of the 3 laptops mentioned above for best results - give me a shout and I may start another topic. Oh yeah - and the black bars on my screenshots are for your protection. Long story short - glossy screen, ugly mug, lots and lots of "OH NO MY EYES!"
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