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  1. Better? I don't know, i have my optiplex running OpenCore and just wanna make laptop also working on OC. Funny thing is that literally everything is actually working as should, except touchpad. Actually, left click and moving mouse cursor working, but in system preferences touchpad is not present (means no gestures, no right-click, nothing else) This specific two patches are for touchpad actually, so i was curious can I make it working. That's why I was asking maybe someone know how to get that working correctly.right now I'm back on Clover, OC for testing was on USB drive. Maybe someone have some idea, and can point me where or what I have to do/change.
  2. Hello again. As I get a "brilliant" idea to migrate to opencore, I start to work on config.plist as I have everything working on Clover. Now I'm facing some problem. In Clover=>Boot=>DSDT=>Patches we have 4 or 5 columns: Comment, Find, Replace, TgtBridge and Disabled. But in the OpenCore, there is no TgtBridge... This specific patch is for touchpad. And now, if I put to OC line TgtBreidge, i get KP, If I set this patch as Disabled, touchpad is working but not as an Apple touchpad. Do you have any ideas how to name this TgtBridge in OC? or how to get this touchpad working as it should work?
  3. thanks a lot @Jake Lo I believe this topic can be closed and marked as solved.
  4. I tried to put kext to L/E, and nothing worked, before also no combination of kexts worked in C/K/O, but after few times turned off and on again, it looks like working now. I dont know why now working and before not. But thanks for help BTW, any chances to look inside my debug files and tell me what is not needed there?
  5. Hi guys After I get a brand new 7400, I had to make a hackintosh on it. I used a EFI folder from dennisc thread. I had to remove DSDT.aml cause it cause a KP when booting. I believe now it is almost everything working except the bluetooth (DW1560). All BT devices are visible in system, but when I tried to connect something (e.g. BT headset) it says it connected and after few sec disconnect again, no matter that I put BT files to L/E or C/K/O. Debug files attached below. Hope someone will be able to point the problem. debug_25592.zip
  6. Try to delete DSDT.aml from EFI/Clover/ACPI/patched and report
  7. Card: DW1820A, #08PKF4, 106B:0023 Hackintosh: Optiplex 5060 SFF macOS versions: Mojave OK, Catalina OK Patch: none Kexts: AirportBrcmFixup.kext, BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext and BrcmPatchRAM3.kext in L/E Boot parameter: none Tricks: pin masking (3 at the front, 2 on the back-side) Card: DW1820A, #08PKF4, 106B:0023 Hackintosh: Latitude 7490 macOS versions: Mojave OK, Catalina OK Patch: compatible 14e4:43e3 Kexts: AirportBrcmFixup.kext, BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext, BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext and BrcmPatchRAM3.kext in L/E Boot parameter: brcmfx-driver=1 Tricks: pin masking (3 at the front, 2 on the back-side)
  8. Ok, thanks for your aswer and I'll be better next time
  9. Hi all. I'm curious, is this method for E6x10/E6x20 will work for Realtek RTS525A PCI Express Card Reader?? It is not too old for an Mojave??
  10. Thanks, Jake. Any ideas about TrackPoint?
  11. @micheajp I got the same problem with HDMI port, when it was connected to my TV, all was in some "pinky" colors. What I made It was just adding connector to graphic configuration in Devices/Properities. But a resolution remains stil the same. But I believe Devices/Properities is the place where you should looking. I'm also almost sure, that my connector configuration added is not fully proper. Maybe someone will be able to say what is wrong. SS's from Hackintool and Devices/Properities attached. P.S. When I set other value for con1-type, I get black screen. When delete con1, I have a "pinky" screen on tv.
  12. Hi all, I come with maybe stupid question, but I'm not so advanced in macOS and it's drivers. I had a problem with DW1820A and I was looking for proper address for this card by gfxutil. Problem with WiF is solved by replacing it on DW1830 (working very good also on two antennas xD ), but I saw interesting thing. Since Only touchpad working properly, I was thinking how TrackPoint is connected inside. In gfx util it looks like 4 devices are on the same hub (if I'm wrong, tell me). How is that possible that we can see 4 devices, but only one is working? I attached screen shoot from gfxutil. Can someone explain how it is working? Maybe it is possible to map somehow this TrackPoint? It would to be very nice to having it also working BTW, @Herve, with your configuration on AUDIO, audio jack not working properly, when I plug in headphones, or Line out, it is recognized in system, but no sound thru the jack. Only built-in speakers working and HDMI Audio. I also connect D600 Dell dock station, and both Line-In connector and Headphones? working OOB. Layout change will help?
  13. @Jake Lo thanks for that, it might be a good idea. Greetings
  14. I changed name in Clover Configurator. everything seems to work perfect, except one thing... guess what xD WiFi Is visible in system but I can't turn it on, also no bluetooth in system. Right now I'm going to take a nap before my nightshift at work. But tomorrow I'll try guide which you post previously. And I'll keep you posted here what's going on with that. if you can give some advice I'll be grateful. Thanks a lot Mati
  15. It works. Now I have a installed MacOS Mojave, for now I see that touchpad not working. But quick question. if you add a patches to ACPI/Patched, You have to also put names of the patches to Sortet Order on ACPI tab in clover configurator? Or if there is possibility to have BIOS.aml option stay permanently?
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