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  1. Now after transferring OC to SSD get KP...
  2. Below 2 ioreg files. with kext version 2.4.2 where i have double-click instead of one-click. Second one is 2.2, worked on clover with added voodooInput, but this time, touchpad somehow is working properly... I don't know what is going on...will try to restart and check how it is going after restart. I also noticed that I have some ACPI errors during boot, something with GPRW method... I dont know it is much important or not... I2C 2.2 clover.ioreg I2C 2.4.2.ioreg
  3. I included it separately and touchpad is visible but not working. I recorded slow motion startup. There is something about voodogpio. You can see it on the photo below. Will post ioreg file in the moment
  4. OK, with old kexts I get "Kexts\VoodooI2C.kext\Contents\PlugIns\VoodooInput.kext\Contents\Info.plist is missing for kext VoodooI2C.kext/Contents/PlugIns/VoodooInput.kext ()". I fixed that, and touchpad is visible in system, but not working at all... Logs not shows what is going on... By the way, that sineteck kext what you gave me for Realtek 525 card reader also not work, but it's not so important
  5. After testing a last config file from you (wasn't working also) I made some changes for paths, then i get problem with voodooPS2Mouse and VoodooPS2Touchopad. I disabled two of them and succesfull booted to system and discovered that touchpad is working and visible in system. Success... almost. when I touch the surface once, system recognize it as a double-touch (and double-click). I checked system prefs and if I disable Touch for click option then I'm disabling it totally. Any ideas?
  6. Hi @Jake Lo, Thanks for your effort for helping me. Unfortunately, your config not booting. Again halting on critical error, about VooDooGPI0.kext. I attached log.opencore-2020-08-08-063733.txt.zip P.S. I still have Clover on my SSD to start. For trying OC I"m always using USB Stick with Catalina installation.
  7. Hi @Jake Lo, any ideas about my trackpad? I'm stocked with that... ;(
  8. Sure, here they are below. config and IOREG.zip
  9. Done. Unfortunately that not resolve touchpad problem.
  10. Below IOReg file. MacBook Pro (Mati).ioreg
  11. Yes, I added your SSDT. Kexts are up to date, baterry status working. To be honest. everything is working except this touchpad and card reader (not supported). I'm able to boot up system, and trackpad working as a mouse, not detected in system.
  12. I was able to boot with my config, using your TDPX file disabling my existing patches , but trackpad working as a mouse. Below picture attached.
  13. @Jake Lo Good morning. with your config I'm no able to boot. OC gives some "critical error" straight after choosing SSD with Catalina. Below photos of errors. Those regard kexts. I tried several versions, including newest one. no luck unfortunately... :-( I tried to disable VooDooGPIO, then I get error with VooDooI2C.
  14. @Jake Lo HI, did you have by any chance time to look at my files?
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