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  1. Please note that it looks like some DW1820a cards do not work well in OSX. I am not qualified to help you get it working, but reporting back to us the part number of your card (CN-XXXXX) might help a lot. (See this for more info and where to find that part number.) A full set of problem reporting files will help others help you as well, please see this for how to generate them. Best of luck!
  2. I agree that the injected properties that appear are from the FixAirport ACPI fix, and not what exists in the config.plist file. FixAirport should be selected correct? The IORegistryExplorer doesn't show ARPT otherwise. I am now using the config.plist attached above, but in order to boot I had to set KernelPM back to true. AirportBrcmFixup has been purged completely from my system, and per your advice I have removed AirPortBrcmNIC from IO80211Family.kext. My kext caches have been rebuilt. Despite the new config the IORegistry doesn't appear to have changed on my end which seems extremely weird. Debug files attached. Thanks again for your time and patience. Edit: While the Clover FixAirport mechanism is responsible for the incorrect model, device type, and slot name in my IOReg I don’t believe it injects the compatible string that we’re now seeing which seems correct. Would that indicate that our injections are working properly but the FixAirport patch is being prioritized somehow? debug_24084.zip
  3. Thanks for your guidance. I've removed the id faking from my clover.plist and made sure I didn't have any other broadcom fakepciid kexts installed. I've deleted my SSDT-DW1820A.aml file. I've also removed the compatible2 and other 'test' properties that were added to my clover config. Using the list in Clover Configurator I now have a full page of SMBIOS settings. I've put the vanilla IO80211Family.kext back in /S/L/E Making changes within Clover Configurator I finally got the [email protected] device to register under EXP2 in my IORegistryExplorer. Now when I boot the wifi will rarely activate and work, but when it does my laptop eventually slows down until it hangs - this generally only takes a few minutes, no longer than the time it takes to run 1-2 Speedtests. When this happens I can move the mouse but all other windows and applications become completely unresponsive. Sometimes upon boot I will get kernel panics or hangs. Often times I get to the desktop but the wifi icon will be dim with the dreaded "no hardware installed" message. (Problem reporting files attached from one of these instances) I get the feeling that I'm still not injecting properties correctly but when the wifi does work it seems to use AirPortBrcm4360. Edit: Per your guide I've also tried installing AirportBrcmFixup.kext. My country code is fine when wifi does work, but I saw it has modifications which can help prevent kernel panics. When that kext is installed booting always hangs with a "AirportBrcmFixup: init @ failed to call parent 6" error. I have removed that kext for now and that kext was not present when the attached report was generated. debug_16243.zip
  4. Hello, I am trying to follow @Hervé's notes regarding getting a Dell DW1820A wifi card working on a Hackintosh. My System Specs: Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen (20BS) Intel Core i7-5600U Intel HD Graphics 5500 8GB RAM Mojave 10.14.4 Clover v2.4k_r4920 (UEFI) I've determined the PCI path to my network card, and I've added the properties to Clover. Some of the properties updated correctly, but unlike in the guide my 'compatible' property remains the same. Clover Config: IORegistryExplorer Info (Notice how the model, name, and device-type are correct, but the compatible property is wrong.): My IO80211Family.kext is modified, but the only change I made was removing the pci14e4,43a3 identifier from AirPortBrcmNIC.kext so that I could boot and access IORegistryExplorer. I would really appreciate any advice that you all could give. Problem reporting files are attached. Thanks, JC debug_275.zip
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