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  1. Ah I'm just booting from USB and the HDD is currently running linux. Thank you for the tip, didn't know it can default to HDD
  2. Ok, I forgot to delete the dsdt as the checker said and some of the stuff it recommended applied for desktops only. This time I did more research and I have a lot of conflicting information. The current issue I'm facing is probably an ACPI issue. I sometimes get AE_NOT_FOUND, which some links suggested it's because ECVD was renamed to EC, which isn't compatible for desktops, but for laptops it's ok? I decided that maybe disabling EC wasn't a good option so I deleted SSDT-EC and SSDT-ECHx-OFF (which was incompatible anyways) And now I either get 'Still waiting for root device' OR 'AE_NOT_FOUND', it's pretty random....
  3. I followed https://khronokernel-2.gitbook.io/opencore-vanilla-desktop-guide/intel-config.plist/haswell but applied the ACPI patches from https://khronokernel.github.io/Getting-Started-With-ACPI/ (With ECVD renamed to EC) All to no avail... I still end up with either ACPI errors or the dreaded waiting for root device followed by prohibited sign error. Also I followed the internet install guide, I'm currently on Linux so sadly I cannot run USBMap efiupload.zip
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