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  1. Hello. I have successfully installed Mavericks 10.9 GM version. The only difference, it's the MBR Patch, found in this site: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/145-mavericks-mbr-patch/ Thanks
  2. I've tried everything, and also followed the EmlyDinesh's guide without sucesss, maybe it's attached with NVIDIA as you said. I'll test in windows with NVIDIA deactivated to confirm that.
  3. Just uploaded a little script to run FaceTime and CameraControl automatically. Not a big improvement, but it works fine for me. BTW: I can't find a way to use HDMI so far, it's there anyone using it sucessfully? FaceTime NOW.zip
  4. hello qwerty12, thank you for this great peace of work, I've successfully installed 10.8.4. I'm experiencing only the wifi centrino issue, but I already purchase a DW1702 on amazon. I installed OS X on a MBR system with Windows 8 x64 on it, and i had problems to install chameleon on the OS X partition, I choose to create a new partition only for chameleon, and it works perfectly. I See you also have Windows 8 running, did you install only windows after? I hope you continue a good work.
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