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  1. hello all im new to this forum and i know it only concerns OSX installs ..but after looking at the posts its obvious to me that the members REALLY know WHATS UP.... i have a delld630 with the Nvidia chip that did the well known failure seen in most of these laptops.. blank screen.. using ext monitor showed that the creen worked but 4 colors and 600x480 was the res. and (obviously) could not be changed.. im assuming this was a bare bones video mode used by the bios chip or whatever that was bypassing the graphics card.. so bottom line i did a reflow of the nividia card and lo and behold it worked !! kinda.. with ext monito the graphics are fine now 1200x1074 i think with all display options selectable... NOW for my issue.. the screen on the laptop looks like it has no backlight .. i can still see it if held just right just barely almost like a negative chromatic color screen... how do i tell if its the inverter or the screen without trying a new one
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