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  1. Aditya’s MacBook Pro New.zipHere is the ioreg file and clover folder gen_debug says aborted error so attached these filesEFI 2.zipEFI 2.zip
  2. I2C-PATCH.zip Again attaching I2C file for review after replacing files in clover
  3. what does csm means in bios settings are you talking about uefi or lecgacy please help
  4. This happens after it wakes up from sleep Please also look into "trackpad" matter also it is a necessary thing.
  5. It was just the same before also After it sleeps and wakes up blurry screen happens Also videoplayback is blurry in vlc media player Also please look into the touchpad please
  6. Also when it sleeps and wakes up the screen fully becomes blurry unable to see things properly Videoplayback is fully blurry Quicktime player plays video well but vlc cannot
  7. It booted up Now keyboard starts working but trackpad does not move at all even the clicks don't work External mouse is working but no solution still for the "trackpad" Battery management is working properly I am attaching ioreg(after new fileClover1withioreg.zips above) and clover folder(with new files above) again so that you can help me Trackpad not working Sound is working
  8. There is nothing in your ideapad acpi "origin"folder we have to copy that also and remove the existing files of origin folder
  9. there is nothing in the acpi folder will that be ok and where we have to place in installer usb or the already installed system efi.please help
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