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  1. Thanks. Looks like I'll have to do some in depth research as I've tried every layout ID for that card. AppleALC is in library/ext. and AppleHDA is in /S/L/E.
  2. I did try all layout IDs for the ALC255, but none of them got the mic working. I also tried to remove CodeCommander.kext from the extensions folder.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried 18. The sound works and the internal mic is detected, but still no audio on the mic. This is the same result with layout id 12.
  4. Any tips on getting the internal microphone to work? This is the last non-working item . I have the Realtek ALC3223. I'm currently using layout ID 12, but have tried 11 and 13 which don't work. I have AppleALC.kext in /Library/Extensions Everything else working so far: Internal speakers HDMI audio and video Screen wake Bluetooth (needed to disable Bluetooth in BIOS and add boot arg brcmfx-driver=1 to prevent WIFI dropouts while using bluetooth audio) WIFI Internal LAN SD card reader Graphics w/ full acceleration Trackpad and gestures Sleep Screen brightness (FN keys) Volume buttons + mute Battery monitoring Hardware monitoring (CPU temps)
  5. I noticed after I replaced my EFI folder with the your's, my HDMI audio no longer working. So I kept your EFI folder in place, but overwrote the ACPI\patched folder and the config.plist with my original. After doing so, HDMI audio now works and the boot problem is still fixed as well. I believe my issues were arising from my drivers folder. My drivers folder was named drivers64UEFI with associated files in it. In your Clover folder you had drivers\UEFI and a different set of files than what I had. I believe all my issues are resolved now.
  6. Thank you!!! That EFI folder fixed the issue. I just had to edit the config.plist to inject the EDID for the display and good to go!
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I do have that option and it has been enabled all this time. So the issue is something else.
  8. I fixed the App Store slowing down the OS by editing my config.plist and checking "FixLAN" under ACPI in Clover Configurator. I also fixed an issue with a crash and black laptop display after turning off an externally connected display to the HDMI port. I followed the instructions here to inject a custom EDID in the config.plist. If I could fix that annoying issue with the IGPU busy timeout on cold boot, the laptop would be 100% perfect with Mojave (bluethooth and wireless work after installing Broadcom card). I believe the timeout issue might be related to the A23 BIOS. Unfortunately, I'm unable to downgrade as the laptop reboots with no error after running the bios flash utility; either from the OS with various commands (/forceit) or from the embedded Dell Bios Flash Utility or from a bootable USB flash drive. This is annoying....
  9. Herve, thank you for the suggestions. I tried the config.plist and got rid of that kext. However, all 3 issues persist. The App Store temporarily worked after I signed into icloud, but then exhibited slowness issues again after a reboot.
  10. I'm getting IGPU busy timeout when booting to Mojave from a laptop off state. If I boot to Clover and then reboot the laptop without turning it off, or boot into windows, restart, then boot to Mojave, everything works perfectly. It's just when I turn my laptop on for the first time and boot to Mojave without restarting that I get this nag. Strangely enough, the laptop takes 15 to 20 seconds to post after turning it on from an off state. I updated to the A23 bios and wonder if this has something to do with it. Also not able to get the internal microphone to work. (audio inject is set to 12 in config.plist) and opening the App Store causes the OS to slow down and become unresponsive. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I found the problem! Looks like it was caused by EmuVariableUefi-64.efi in "\EFI\CLOVER\drivers64UEFI". I guess this simulates the nvram.plist. I removed that file and all is well. I appreciate all the help on this! You pointed me in the right direction and helped me clean some things up.
  12. Unfortunately I'm unable to find nvram.plist anywhere on my EFI partition.
  13. Thanks for looking at that. I tried F11 at Clover again, in addition to removing the CMOS battery (this reset all the BIOS settings to default), yet the issue persists. Even right after the CMOS has been cleared, as soon as I select the Mojave partition in Clover I get the "This computer was restarted" error message. Then when I'm logged on I get the dialogs to look at the report. Is it possible and advisable to remove com.apple.NVDAStartup?
  14. It's attached. Thank you! debug_7776.zip
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