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  1. Hi, I have swapped the stock card for a Broadcom one, WiFi and Bluetooth are working seamlessly. At first I got handoff and airdrop to work, but now I can only send files from my iOS devices as the laptop doesn't discover any devices nearby. When entering Airdrop in Finder, console throws multiple errors but I was unable to find anything regarding those particular error messages. Any help would be much appreciated! debug_28163.zip
  2. Ok, I see All up and running, thanks a lot for your help guys!
  3. Are there any hardware-specific steps to do that? Prior to asking for help I have tried with the generic guides available on different forums and this is where I arrived. Working after all, but apparently a little messy.
  4. I removed the SSDT-Disable-DGPU table and now the dGPU is back. Attaching the zip: asus.zip
  5. I most likely messed up some SSDT patches while trying to disable the dGPU. I was trying to disable it with the _OFF method manually and probably injected it in the wrong place along the way. I think I'm going to give it another go. Thank you for looking into that! I have eventually managed to fix the black screen issue by injecting EDID and setting ig-platform-id to 0x1620006. Thank you @Hervé, @Jake Lo and @eC//FrEaK for your invaluable help with getting my device to sleep properly
  6. Disabling them didn't make any difference. I've tried switching some other sleep/graphic-related patches in Clover but no improvement so far.
  7. config.plist, I should just remove the other one, I only used it for testing a fix to another issue
  8. After the wake? Yes, that's actually how I know the system is waking properly apart from the screen - when trying to adjust brightness with shortcuts (f5 and f6 without Fn for my laptop) I can hear the "blocked" sound because I'm in the login screen and apparently they don't work there.
  9. I actually left it for an hour earlier today to see if anything happens but it was still dark after that time
  10. Unfortunately, no luck either I've read about similar problems happening with Skylake processors but it's Broadwell in my case.
  11. Perhaps you were looking at the original debug archive, I've uploaded a new one a few posts back. I just checked and there's no IntelGraphicsFixup.kext in the cache
  12. Actually this was the first thing I did - I'm already on that update. Thanks for the suggestion though
  13. I completely forgot I had it... Thanks, now the Nvidia card is no longer present. Still, I'm getting black screen on wake. I've tried applying a DSDT patch for that but it didn't help.
  14. Unfortunately that didn't help, I can still see it in SysInfo. Attaching a fresh dump.debug_24364.zip
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