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  1. ok i now have done: myhack 3.3.1: install chameleon install extra istall myhack utilities and it worked with 10.6.8 thanks for your help!
  2. do i have to create the install usb with myhack or can i install myhack utilities on the installed system because i wasnt able to create a installer with myhack
  3. I have installed a bootpack that was made for my model of laptop (lowres gma). I have installed it with myhack 3.3.1 and only modified a different voodoohda kext because it didnt work for my laptop but the battery indicator isnt working
  4. Hi guy, sorry for my english I am from germany. I have a problem with my battery percentage indicator because it is not appering. I only have a clean install of os x snow leopard but I want to upgrade to Mavericks if it is possible. Can somebody help me there? I would like to have a solution that works on: Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Maveriks I would much appreciate it if somebody could help me!
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