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  1. No Idea why this was such a pain. Reverted back to using the other method to disable dGPU No problem using Intel FB when doing it the other way.
  2. @Hervé Not sure what I am missing here. Any chance you could advise on what needs inserting? i have the following config : https://github.com/nickelnoff/Dell-Precision-7510-OSX/blob/10.14/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist these are the working keys: <key>AAPL,ig-platform-id</key> <data> BQA7GQ== </data> <key>device-id</key> <data> GxkAAA== </data> then I think I need to set as follows: ig-platform-id: 05003B19 device-Id: 1B190000 I therefore set as follows: But this gives Graphics Driver Failed to load as shown:
  3. @Hervé all patching was already in place this is why I am puzzled to why I see this error. 193B0005 is what is defined in CLOVER Device Properties I tried specifying it again (even though it is in CLOVER) as shown here: however when starting I see: not sure on next steps
  4. @Jake Lo just to clarify this is what happens: 1.enable switchable graphics in the BIOS 2. Set Clover debug: -v -debug=0x100 3. machine seems to stop wegnoegpu is set as well - tried booting without tried setting 0x12345678 for igpu same result. Tricky to capture due to small font size Edit: attached best I could do screenshot
  5. @Jake Lo I put this in place and Set switchable graphics but her kernel panic
  6. Thanks @Jake Lo- managed to get booted up. I seemed to have needed to clear other config renames out as well as SSDTs - not entirely sure what was responsible but now writing on very choppy graphics with the NV dGPU running. Will try and disable. Any help appreciated. Currently seeing: DSDT.dsl.zip
  7. @kushwavez agree to a point. Never used windows much on this system. I seem to recall when the system was first bought through I was getting a little bit not load more battery life. But then NVidia dGPU was not disabled. i was however getting 3+ hours battery life with Ubuntu 18.04 though. Again with NV disabled. As you say could just be the OS but I suspect there is some thing draining since I’ll get jump decreases when doing things like rebooting. another thing I have seen is that the fans can be noisy and then I’ll sleep the system and wake and the fans have quieted down and battery drain seems to have slowed. @Hervé I removed the UEFI disabled method last night and ran a CMOS reset to get back to default settings. Clover now shows (under Graphics option) both GPUs a present however unable to boot successfully back in to Mojave. Kernel panic seems to occur followed by a reboot. I tried removing boot option: -wegnoegpu tried adding -nv_disable=1 tried adding checking InjectNvidia using FakeId: 0x12345678 any suggestions on how to proceed?
  8. @Hervé Agreed my take on this the UEFI method was that if its not getting picked up in the IOREG then it's gone. Any suggestions on other elements of the system to check to what might be draining battery ?
  9. Thanks @Hervé was aware of these Skylake particulars. The method I used to disable dGPU was via UEFI configuration method does this not have the same end affect as SSDT disabling?
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