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  1. Yes, touchpad buttons worked perfectly with Olarilla files perfectly... I have 7490 also, I know that buttons not working there, but 7400 is totally different, no trackpoint and maybe different trackpad. To be honest, I tried both ways - copy and rewrite existing files and also remove all and copy your files only... I am now creating clean Catalina USB drive with image from the store and with Terminal, so I am not sure, how to continue after Terminal. /edit: touchpad an keyboard not working again.... few minutes and cannt move mouse and type with keyboard /edit2: I can also see big speed difference during boot with old files (tried boot from olarilla usb instead of hdd)
  2. no, graphics still not workin (7MB)... looks like touchpad is working, keyboard as well, but no touchpad buttons question: maybe I have mess in my EFI folder now... how can I clean all, and start from scratch, i mean without Olarilla config, kexts and so on... just delete EFI folder, install clean Clover (dont know, which drivers are essential for my HW) again and copy all files you provided?
  3. With this config, system is able to boot up. Now I can see the battery status . /edit: but trackapad is not working anymore and keyboard working on login screen but in the system not
  4. Thanks, probably booted, because I can see WiFi activity, but no display output - just black screen, and no restart. /edit: wifi activity only on first try, now i cant see nothing on the display, and no activity, no restart... reverted back to the olarilla config2.plist
  5. Ok, found a solution... drive must be mounted in R/W in Catalina... debug files in attachment. debug_1482.zip
  6. There is no wired NIC in 7400 series, so I am using TP-Link 725 USB for accessing the internet... I am getting error when during generating report: line54: gen_debug: command not found Actually I am using Olarilla image to boot up the machine, because I tried clean Catalina nad Clover first without success. /edit: going to try disable SIP, hope it will helps to generate the debug files...
  7. Hi friends, I am now trying to install Catalina on 7400, the successor of 7490. What is working OOB: touchpad with buttons keyboard What is not working OOB: battery info gpu (Intel UHD 620 detected as 0x3ea0 - 0x0002) sound wireless (intel - will be replaced with dw1830) ...and probably lot of other stuff Can anyone help me or point me, how to fix the non working stuff please?
  8. I can confirm that d3 version is working properly (for now)... even on latest Catalina update bluetooth is working as expected. Thanks punjabigator! I tried d2 only before.
  9. Unfortunately same situation, maybe worse... tried to remove all rehab kexts, added files below from Mieze last archive and now I can turn ON/OFF my BT, but I cant see other BT devices. /L/E BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext BrcmPatchRAM3.kext
  10. Hi friends, my bluetooth worked for a while on my Latitude 7490, but now not working at all... I can see bluetooth in the system, I can see bluetooth devices but cant connect. Is possible to turn bluetoot off from the menu, but not ON again sometimes. Bluetooth HW info in system info is present. Already tried update all kexts. Any ideas? /L/E BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi.kext FakePCIID.kext
  11. Thank you Jake, I am going to test it now. WiFi is already working, just deleted DW1820a record from plist file, removed and added connection and WiFi is working.
  12. Ok :) np. Regarding my 7490, my DW1830 is not working OOB and I dont know why :( going to read more...
  13. Easy to say, hard to do for me... can you please point me to the forum thread, where I can learn this? My brightness controls are also on different keys... Fn+F6 & Fn+B. Btw. I have another laptop here, new Dell Latitude 7400 (successor of 7490), just for test - not my laptop, how can I debug installation? I tried to start clean Mojave / Catalina only with basic Clover installation both with same result - KP without any usefull info. Only specs at the end of KP.
  14. Hello my friends, I just installed fresh copy of Catalina on my 7490 with @Hervé guide, but I am not able to use dsdt.aml in Clover. Every time I need to use bios.aml (actually I set up bios.aml as default in Clover Configurator). I tried to generate logs but received only "gen_debug: command not found" error after I run sh script. /edit: tried to get some info from debug during boot...
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