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  1. I have a problem, my internal devices do not appear (SSD and HDD). I already did a mass exchange CLOVER, use an image of Olarila, HighSierra, BIOS has no AHCI option.
  2. test, I completely changed a CLOVER noodles and the error continues, does not show me the SSD option.
  3. Thanksss, highSierra its work? replace all archives CLOVER?
  4. thanks, thanks, thanks but now I face another problem, my ssd does not appear in the disk utility disposition list. Toshiba 128GB SSD Toshiba 1TB HDD no AHCI option. BIOS version 1.14.
  5. i have am problem, end randomseed. already used from here: and I've edited the config, plsi and config2.plist file anyway, help, I don't know what to do anymore. Can someone help me? say what I need to do? My model is the only ram module.
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