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  1. @Jake Lo hello, as you said, I am sending individual ioreg files and config.plist file. When I unplug and plug the hdmi cable in the config.plist file that I sent on the HP screen, the image appears. Others not works. Thank you so much. ioreg&config.zip
  2. Hi @Jake Lo, I copied the config.plist file to usb flash and booted with it. I tried from both DP (with DP to hdmi adapter) and HDMI output, but when it came to the login screen, I couldn't get an image. DP and hdmi output works oob with win 10. I will send ioreg files with HP monitor at work tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. I will try and give feedback. Thank you so much your efforts @Jake Lo
  4. @Jake Lo It is true 3070 has DP and HDMI output is available. HP monitor has DP and DVI input, and I can get a smooth image directly via DP. but for the hdmi connection, I am using the hdmi to dvi adapter. HDMI connection at OSX, the image disappears at the login screen, plug out then plug in the login screen appearing. I can't get the image in OS X at home netiher DVi to Hdmi nor hdmi cable.
  5. @Jake Lo The maximum resolution of all three monitor/projector is 1920x1080 fhd. The only difference between the three is the workplace monitor HP PC monitor (it has DP input and dvi, i m using dvi port via hdmi to dvi adapter for optiplex). i have Samsung LCD tv and viewsonic projector at home.
  6. Me and the optiplex are at home right now :(. I work from home due to corona virus tomorrow. I tried with dp to hdmi cable and hdmi cable in my home on both samsung tv and viewsonic projector a little while ago, and I couldn't get any images. I will post ioregs with hp monitor at work on wednesday. Thank you very much @Jake Lo
  7. @lucahappyDP is working OOB but hdmi is not. @ home samsung tv and projector not work with hdmi just clover boot screen. @ work, hp display off @ the login screen but when i plug out and plug in hdmi cable it is works :(. As a result efi not worked. Same before i used.
  8. Sorry I forgot to add my signature, i added. I brought the device at home and connected it to a samsung TV and viewsonic projector with a hdmi cable. The image that existed while booting but did not appear when on the login screen. Even though I removed the cable and replugged it, but it is not works. No problem with windows but i couldn't get it on mac. I will try the files you sent and share the results. Thanks.
  9. I have same Dell Optiplex 3070 micro as lucahappy here. The display port works as it should, but when it is on the HDMI port, the screen turns off on the login screen. When I unplug and plug in the HDMI cable, the screen comes again. I am sending debug dump files in the attachment. Thank you so much. hi @lucahappy you're right. When connect 2 USB 3.0 ssd and hdd at the same time, first plugged ssd disconnect and reconnect, but finally mounts 2 disk my usb config. I dont know why? debug_5204.zip
  10. Hi @PeterBoy71. I sold the laptop but I attach the file I sent to someone else who was in need before. If the kexts I sent is old, please use the current one. And remember you should make the BIOS settings correctly. This can also be useful in this topic hp-840-g2-g3-elitebook. I hope it helps. 840_G3_EFI.zip
  11. Hi all, I have XPS 9570 with i7-8750, 32GB RAM, 2TB NVME SSD and 4k laptop. I installed Catalina 10.15.3 using bavariancake EFI. All hardware is working perfect, except touchscreen and TB3. Thunderbolt is working but hotplug isnt and when i opened system report, i couldnt see any thunderbolt device (hotplug or not). I attached my debug file. Thank you all for efforts. debug_1488.zip
  12. Hello all, I have HP elitebook 840 G3 with i7-6500, dw1830 wifi and latest BIOS. I installed Catalina 10.15.1 and almost everything works except trackpad multitouch. 2 finger click works but not multitouch. In System Pref.pane trackpad section trackpads seems work but it is not. From what I read on this site (https://github.com/alexandred/VoodooI2C), VoodooI2C.kext naturally supports my device (my device ID: pci8086,9d60-Skaylake). I installed VoodooI2C.kext but it could not works. I so i attached my ioreg and clover config.plist. Thank you very much for your help. debug_2502.zip
  13. You’r right. on my first attempts did not but later repaired permission via terminal I succeeded. Thank you @Hervé
  14. I used "sudo kextcache -i /" terminal command and i recieved tihs error. "Kext rejected due to improper filesystem permissions: <OSKext 0x7ff424aed710 [0x7fff892cf8e0]> { URL = "file:///Library/Extensions/CodecCommander.kext/", ID = "org.tw.CodecCommander" }" I used sudo cp -R XXXX.kext /Library/Extensions command and then "sudo kextcache -i /" result was same. Thanks.
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