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  1. Hi I successfully installed it on my Ideapad. The problem is my other machine(Thinkpad x270) and my new (Ideapad 330s) are crashing(2x times today for both)when i do heavy memory work like 4 tabs safari and open spotify. I went back to 5093(Dids) and it seems fine for now. Could it be the clover r5096? Edit: I found out that in r5096 my system is much slower. Went back 5093 it was fast again. Maybe it was really clover?
  2. Updated clover smoothly on my other machine except there was no HFSPlus.efi in r5096 for updating. Gonna try installing catalina now on my ideapad hope it works, thanks!
  3. I currently have r5093 (Dids) on my other machine, is it safe to update it to r5096(Cloverhackycolor)?
  4. I'm starting a new hackintosh on Ideapad 330s 15IKB with i7 8550/UHD 620/8GB RAM/2 TB HDD I'm just curious what's the difference of Cloverhackycolor's version of clover (currently r5096) to Dids' clover version (currently r5093). The former(Cloverhackycolor) has 10 releases currently and the latter has 200 releases. Also, what should I use? Thanks in advance!
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