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  1. Hi, The problem still persist, I still cannot see any BT under USB port. For additional information, BT on windows 10 is detected under USB 2.0 port. But it seems, in macOS it cannot appear, I am not really sure why. I had done several method to enable USB port on my hack, but still failed. Do you have any idea? Thanks debug_12266.zip
  2. DellSMBios is enable, but I still cannot see BT under USB hub in ioreg MacBook Pro.ioreg
  3. Thanks for your reply. May I know what does the patch do? Do I need to rebuild new SSDT for USB?
  4. Hi, Recently I have installed DW1820A on my hack. Wifi works great with AirportBcrmFix.kext and boot config bcrmfx-driver=1. Custom SSDT for USB also has been done. But I can't seem to see any BT on my ioreg. Based on my understanding, BT required USB bus to works. debug_10572.zip
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