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  1. actually i have one but nothing cant replace mac os.
  2. okay so what about 12inch and less? medium cost with most hardware?
  3. both because I don't know if such think exists...
  4. benefits will be: good battery life fanless trackpad gestures
  5. Okay so I have downloaded this: VoodooPS2Controller-R6B10fixed.kext.zip77.27 kB · 271 downloads and now it works thanks! There is any chance that zoom in/out, two fingers backward/forward with trackpad works too?
  6. what i meant to say, when I try move the cursor with the trackpad by swiping it with my finger tip it doesn't move.
  7. Hi all hackintoshers, I look for the cheapest laptop for functionality what is important to me: trackpad that works flawlessly with all gestures like real mac. good - excellent display, fanless or silent fan, monitor size should be max 13inch, any other is extra. what you could recommend?
  8. I have successfully installed on my e6430 mojavce version and it works great but how I can make my fan silent help ?
  9. niba10

    E6430 help

    Hello I'm new to hackintosh and my current setup is : Dell latitude e6430 Intel Core i5-3320 2.6GHz 8GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4000 OSX Mojave by this guide : https://github.com/kinoute/Hack-Dell-Latitude-E6430 questions: 1.How I can customise trackpad gestures, also how I can get more gestures more than 2 finger scrolling and 3 finger mission control? 2.How to fix hibernate mode when turn on after sleeping, hibernate mode restarts all operating system?
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