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  1. I think to I'm using ur i5 thing but how i can make my own? EFI.zip
  2. But I have 16GB ram Using this guide : Spec: 2.6ghz i7 16gb 1600 ddr3 touch display what settings do you need? Thanks.
  3. Hey, I have slow performance on my e7250 when multitasking with multiple apps example if I have multiple chrome windows open. How I can fix this?
  4. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    So yes I have version 7 there is solution for it ?
  5. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    So what you are saying that my e7250 model touchpad is useless?
  6. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    So how in my e6430 14 inch those gestures works perfectly?
  7. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    my gestures are: 2 finger scrolling 2 finger right click 3 finger swipe left and right (desktop) 4 finger swipe left and right for ctrl+shift+left/right 3 finger swipe up 3 finger swipe down the trackpad cursor move is smooth. all gestures works but verry laggy and not smooth i mean i can swipe to right desktop and then i want back to left desktop and it's not responding.
  8. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    Hey thanks for replying i tried to adjust fingerz from 30 to 10 and then 1 and it is make it sensitive but only for moving the cursor around but still the gestures are very hard to lunch and laggy. there other values I can adjust I don’t know what each does? The problem is only with gestures
  9. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    nope it not working what i need to adjust? I have to fight with my gestures.
  10. niba10

    E7250 trackpad delay

    the gestures seem to work but its very hard to lunch them i need to retry 3 or 4 times before they lunch the action. any fix?
  11. I have Dell latitude E7250 touchscreen version with i7. I'm using VoodooPS2Controller-R6B6.kext but I'm having delay issues with trackpad gestures it way far from be usable... Do you have suggestions?
  12. Okay so I have downloaded this: VoodooPS2Controller-R6B10fixed.kext.zip77.27 kB · 271 downloads and now it works thanks! There is any chance that zoom in/out, two fingers backward/forward with trackpad works too?
  13. what i meant to say, when I try move the cursor with the trackpad by swiping it with my finger tip it doesn't move.
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