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  1. Hi, I'm currently running a Dell Latitude E5450 (Intel HD 5500) with 10.13.6 on a docking station. Currently my monitors plugged in through HDMI are displayed as cloned. Is there anyway to flip this to Extended? When I look inside of display options it does not reflect there two monitors plugged in. If I attempt to boot with one plugged in and plug it in after booted, the system will panic and reboot. The same goes for if I attempt to unplug while booted. I've attached my config.plist incase it helps. Thanks for any ideas in advanced. config.zip
  2. Herve, thank you for the reply. Do you happen to have a link to a walkthrough on how I can disable the NVIdia and switch to onboard?
  3. UPDATE: I was able to get the NVidia drivers installed by using Benjamin Dobell's installation script on GitHub. https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/nvidia-update My next question though is... I have the port replicator and two monitors. When I am attached to the replicator, OS X loads all the way up until I login and then it freezes. How would I go about finding out why it's freezing?
  4. Hello, I currently have an E6420 on High Sierra using the Orlarila build. I'm using Clover boot on UEFI. The installation went fairly smooth and I appear to have graphics acceleration as I have the see-through dock and not the white dock. System Information states that I have a NVIDIA NVS 4200M 511 MB. I am assuming I do not have the drivers fully installed as I didn't go through any of that during the installation and I have not enabled anything in Clover. When I attempt to install the web drivers I'm shown a message saying that I am not on the most current build (17G2208) and I need to upgrade (17G8037). What my question is, is how do I identify whether or not I have the proper drivers applied and installed? If not, how do I apply those drivers?
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