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  1. @Jake Lo @Hervé I rebuilt the entire flash drive with fresh Catalina, Clover_v2.5k_r5098 (earlier 5093), ACPI and kexts ( Hervé's post) and config.plist (dennisc's post) with NVMe patch (Jake's post) Now Dell restarts after ** In memory panic stackshot succeeded ** bytes traced 17184 ** EFI.zip
  2. @Jake Lo I added the NVMe driver entry to config.plist and still the same problem
  3. @Hervé thank You for help. SSD spec: KBG40ZNS256G (Toshiba NVMe BG4 256GBTB} EFI_r5096_2019-11-17 12:52:56.zip
  4. Hi friends I got a fresh Dell 5400 with i7-8665u / 32GB Ram / UHD Graphics 620. I wanted to install macOS Catalina. I used clover from dennisc's post and bios settings from Hervé's post. It stopped on such errors: ApplePS2Contoller: Notification consumer published: ApplePS2Mouse
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