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  1. Thanks @Jake Lo I was able to install Mojave without any major issues. So far everything is working with a few issues with the keyboard. Also I notice two errors while booting: (see attached) Unsupported PCH [IGPU] Graphics driver failed to load; could not register with framebuffer driver! Thanks agian for your help and support. Harold
  2. Hi Jake, That did it!! I was able to boot into the installer. Trying the installation and will report back the results. Thanks, Harold
  3. Hi everyone, I have been trying to install on my Dell Latitude e7270 (BIOS 01.07.03), 8GB RAM, Intel i7-6600U(2.60GHz) , Intel Skylake Graphics. I followed this guide (DELL LATITUDE / INSPIRON / PRECISION / VOSTRO / XPS - CLOVER GUIDE) by Jake Lo and checked similar ones like (MOJAVE ON LATITUDE E7270). I used terminal to create my USB installer (Clover v2.5k r5099) and the bootpack E7470_Mojave. The booting process stops after a while (see screenshot attached) Thanks,
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