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  1. Also, tried lower versions of clover 5099 and down, Laptop lid-sleep/wake works. 5100 is the particular clover that messed up lid-sleep/wake. config_debug.plist.zip
  2. Hi @Jake Lo, we’re using the very same settings and the same dids/clover. Maybe it’s my config? As I’ve seen in the releases of the developer Slice, he fixed some parts of dsdt patching in this new build. Maybe this could possibly affected my config?
  3. Hi everyone, I have an x240 Thinkpad and it's working great on hackintosh (Catalina) until updated my clover from 5099 to 5100. Now on 5100 when I close the lid it should automatically sleep right? It doesn't. I don't quite know what's causing it, if it is clover or my system. Any information about this would be nice. Lenovo x240 Thinkpad i5-4200U HD4400 500GB HDD 8GB RAM Edit: I rolled back to 5099 and it was back to normal. I would still like to have some information on the problem though.... I'm just currently updating kexts and clover for the upcoming 10.15.2 update
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