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  1. I am getting stuck on waiting on dic=0 error and the circle with a cross I have a i7 core 8 unlocked and can't get the installer to work
  2. Well everything work on my Hackintosh Lenovo edge1580 i might put it up on setting up hackintosh guide for it
  3. Ok though I have another issue I have 1.9.2 version of voodoops2controller when I updated to 2.1.0 the trackpad stop working should I not update it then.
  4. Is this kext anywhere on the page to be found for my laptop.
  5. I found away to patch the SD in the config files it was the xhci limit it was using Still not found a way for the touch screen unless that no way to get it to work
  6. here is my clover folder is their way to get the sd card to work genesys sd card reader also touch screen I don't think it would work right CLOVER.zip
  7. ok got everything running except my sd card reader I can find a solution for it for this Lenovo edge 2 plus the touch screen if their a way I can get it to work
  8. Also when I try to add Kext file to the extensions folder I get a circle crossed out in Catalina is their a way I can make the extension folder write able in s/l/e
  9. It is real tech I think here is my clover file from my drive CLOVER.zip
  10. ok i finally setup the hackintosh but having issue with mapping my function keys to work for a lenovo edge 2 1580 is their a guide or a premade aml i can use for it i have catalina install on it also issue with the sound not working any help that part would be great
  11. i am getting stuck at random boot seed or sometimes when clovewr show up i dont even see option to boot from usb or boot from drive
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