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  1. Headphones now working. Just need to fix display output for external hdmi and mini dp. Can you help map the config? I just see two duplicate external monitors (not as the same on the laptop screen)
  2. ok, @Jake Lo I've tested and headphones audio still does not work (distorted, crackles) even after repairing permissions. any other ideas? I've attached my config config.zip
  3. ok, will read rules and faq. noted @Hervé @Jake Lo I will check if audio output is now working and caps lock. What about sleep issues?
  4. Yes, i think i might've mixed it up. Anyhow the one i've uploaded in my recent comment is the right one. I got rid of NoTouchID, FakePCIID, and RealtekRTL8111 (IntelMausi is the right kext). Trackpad is now working!!! I still cannot turn off bluetooth (even though it doesn't actually work), it does not deep sleep, and my headphones just sounds like whoosh whoosh (I've added to LE the Codec... kext, think i need to add something in the clover config). And the caps lock light won't stay on for some reason if i click on it. (As i understand that's a bug in Voodoo kext) If you can help me fix these bugs i'd be very grateful. Thanks a bunch man!!!
  5. I've used this one: That's actually the only that worked for me. My CPU is skylake and i've updated the kexts. Tell me if I should change anything else. Can you help me with patching the SSDT / DSDT? And how do i add the I2C patches to config files? also, which kext's should i remove? EFI.zip
  6. Hi All, I've installed Catalina with latest Clover on 7480. 1st issue is i'm only able to use 1 monitors and not two (if i'm using two connected monitors, it'll just use the laptop as 1 screen and 2-3 as duplicated extended screen). so it shows the same thing but not what's on the laptop screen. 2nd issue is i cant get the trackpad to work. I'm attaching my EFI here. Can anyone assist me to fix that? Thanks, @Jake Lo @Hervé @catmater EFI.zip
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