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  1. Removed DSDT. I removed the I2C kexts and it didn't help at all. I also tried just each one of the kexts (I2C or I2CHID) and neither worked any better. Also tried doing each in /S/L/ and that didn't help either
  2. Okay, the busy timeout issue has stopped after a few restarts when I re-patched my DSDT, but still no trackpad. Attached new debug. Thank you both for all the help, by the way! debug_19101.zip
  3. I found the 2 IC2 kexts and PS2 kext, which 3 main kexts are the KB/M kexts? Just realized what you meant, I misread the message. I installed all three of those and it didn't help.
  4. Tried the PS2 kext and it didn’t do anything on its own, however I also tried switching my VirtualSMC to the FakeSMC in that boot pack and now I get busy timeout[0], (60s): ‘TPD1’ a handful of times while attempting to boot the device.
  5. Neither the trackpad nor the buttons work. I’ll try that kext in a bit! Any ideas on the full freeze when I try to plug it in or press the brightness buttons?
  6. Updated them first. Moved both to /L/E and rebuilt the cache and restarted a few times, but the trackpad still isn't working. Any other ideas?
  7. Removed, trackpad still isn't functional after a few restarts. Attached the debug file! debug_1087.zip
  8. Awesome, thank you! The microphone works! Any idea on the others?
  9. Hey! Me and a friend of mine are hackintoshing some Latitude 7290 laptops. We were able to get the OS installed and booting properly, but we're running into some issues. Inserting or removing the power cable (dedicated port OR power via the USB-C port) instantly and permanently freezes the laptop until you force shut it down with the power button (same thing happens with brightness buttons) The trackpad/trackpad buttons do not work in any capacity Mic does not work in any capacity (keyboard mute light is on and pressing the unmute button doesn't change that) We were able to get the keyboard and USB mice working just fine, network is operable with a USB dongle and Ethernet, and we can repeatedly boot into the OS with no problems. After searching around for other things done with this laptop we found some ACPI patches that we added that seemed to resolve the display brightness not being able to be changed, but it can only be done through the display settings window Intel Core i5-6300U / Intel HD520 Graphics / RealTek ALC3246 Audio / Intel Wireless 8265NGW / l2CHID Trackpad Kexts: AppleALC, GenericUSBXCI, IntelMausiEthernet, Lilu, SMCBatteryManager, SMCLightSensor, SMCProcessor, SMCSuperIO, USBInjectAll, VirtualSMC, Voodool2C, VoodooI2CHID, VoodooPPS2Controller, WhateverGreen Drivers: ApfsDriverLoader, AptioMemoryFix, DataHubDXE-64, FSInject-64, HFSPlus, SMCHelper-64 We used the vanilla laptop guide for our installations. Thanks for any help! EFI.zip
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