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  1. Oh man! i did it in the first install, but then i made it up again with all configs and files to need to moved to L/E and now os working fine. Thanks @Jake Lo
  2. Oh thanks for that, i tried changing the values of layout-id but none of them worked, i noticed that headphones are recognized and when i plug it on it sounds a little distorsion and then nothing. Hopefully someone can find a solution.
  3. Wow now is working fine, at the end im still pending in getting audio through jack 3.5 headphones, i'll try more when i finish work, thanks @Jake Lo
  4. Also found that if i plug headphones (Jack 3.5) sound is not clear, i tried using a alc fix but the script could not be executed, even if i tried to unlock system file system. debug_5864.zip
  5. I wanted to confirm that I have successfully installed catalina on this laptop, using the files provided by @Jake Lo in this thread and the advice for the touchpad by @marlov the only thing that I couldn't see is change audio output in HDMI.
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